The Castle Rock staff is a dynamic group of professionals. They are a well-trained, cohesive team, each with many years of experience in their respective areas. Clients are impressed by the personal attention they receive by the staff at Castle Rock. Instead of the old "us against them" mentality, the staff treats each client as part of the team and stresses open communication.

Gary Kotlan
Gary has been in the construction industry for over 25 years knows the business inside and out. He does have a great relationship with both the clients and subcontractors that set him apart from others in this field. His contact with the client doesn’t stop the moment they sign the contract. He is a “hands on kinda guy” and he strives to ensure his sincere interest in each and every client which is why you will find him on the job sites during the course of the project from beginning to end. His commitment to excellence and his high level of integrity are evident in everything he does.  He is only a click away from answering any questions and or concerns and can be reached at:

Gary Kotlan